The Top 3 Things Pre-employment Personality Assessments Need To Answer

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December 12th, 2018 / admin / 0 comments

At upskillable, we’re all about automating the candidate screening process. We believe there are possibly different ways to do this, but most of the ways we’ve seen are still using the CV and keywords to match candidates to possible positions. That may be great to some, but we feel it’s antiquated and still doesn’t help […]

Arabnet Startup Battle – We’re Finalists

Arabnet Startup Battle – We’re Finalists

December 12th, 2018 / admin / (808) 285-8389

We heard from ArabNet that out of more than 100 startups, upskillable was selected as a Startup Battle Finalist. Here are the details: The ArabNet Team is proud to announce to you that you have been selected as a Finalist for the ArabNet Riyadh 2018 Startup Battle! This year, we received over 100 applications from […]